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For over two decades, I have committed myself to helping others become all they are capable of being. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and practices, I can help you maximize your strengths and transform your deficits. I invite you to take the next step in becoming the best YOU possible.



What others are saying:

“My primary physician recommended David Phelan for help with my lifelong OCD. Using nuero-feedback, my brain has learned to relax and stay calm, even during a crisis. This treatment has also greatly reduced the migraine headaches I was experiencing. My life has been changed and I can’t thank David enough!” – Dianne

When we first heard about bio/neuro feedback, we were at the point where we were willing to try just about anything. Biofeedback gave us an outlet in which we were able to visibly see improvement; motivating us to further continue the therapy. It’s truly amazing how we all have the capability to heal ourselves, but just need the proper guidance to be successful. Thank you David!” – Rebecca and Amy

“Mr. Phelan and I have consulted on a number of patients which I believe has been mutually beneficial and has facilitated quality patient care.” – Brian Hawkins, M.D.

“The biofeedback David Phelan provided has allowed for me to be able to control my anxiety and identify the emotions that I have been feeling. It has definitely made a substantial difference. I believe I have started on the road to recovery.” – David

“I really thought the biofeedback was helpful to me and continue to use the breathing techniques, overall relaxation, hand-warming, and changing my thinking to encouraging and positive things when I’m stressed.” – Rachel